What makes the perfect PATRON:

  • A good community citizen with links to Apollo 11, space, or media personality
  • Preferably someone known globally, but at least in member countries
  • Someone that is prepared to promote the event occasionally
  • A person that is prepared to do the job before we contact them
  • Someone who contacts us – even better!
  • A person prepared to do a 15 minute interview for our podcast

What we can offer:

  • Shameless promotion in return for their time
  • Improved standing in the community
  • To listen to ideas and requirements that they may have.
  • Zero dollars – we are running this in a “not for profit” style.
  • Promotion of their upcoming books, movies, events – if suitable for our audience.
  • A “pat on the back” from us for being great people.
  • A certificate of thanks at the start of the project.

Contact us please.