Welcome to the Space Party!

So what is Apollo Echoes? It’s the biggest Space Party in the World and we are celebrating the Apollo moon missions starting with the first moon landing on July 20th 1969.

For over 3 months we will be holding thousands of global events and parties to celebrate. One of the big events will be “The Moon”. Many of the world big parabolic antennas will be “taken over” by Apollo Echoes volunteers and pointed at the moon. Kids from around the world will be talking to each other by bouncing their transmissions of the surface of the moon. With a 2.5 second delay, they will have to wait 5 seconds to hear a reply. What makes this event spectacular is the scope of the event. Not since the Apollo missions have this many large dishes been pointing at the moon at the same time.

Apollo Echoes activities require all participating events to raise money for the charity of their choice. When activities commence, you will be able to register your donation and we will send a certificate of thanks by email signed by our Patrons. We will be announcing some pretty important people soon. We will be concentrating on students’ education as a few of them may have missed the Apollo missions unless they repeated school for the last 30 years. We will be helping schools hold music concerts for their bands and orchestras (space themes and Apollo information read out between each piece); space and astronomy events with resources available; a science fiction writing competition; a video competition about why we should return to the moon, to name a few.

3D photographic clubs worldwide will be projecting a special show of stereo pictures of the Apollo moon landings so that you can see it like you were there too. Parties, trivia nights and events with a space theme will raise money for their charity. It is pretty endless. We are even asking people to think up their own charity event and invite Event Organizers to contact us to see how they can join in the fun.

The Apollo Echoes philosophy embraces a wide range of ideals and objectives. These include:

  • Involve as many original support staff from the Apollo 11 mission, especially those from outside of the USA.
  • Celebrate the achievements and the success of the Apollo missions.
  • Green initiatives and projects underpinned by green requirements where feasible and practical.
  • Access for people with disabilities to both on-line and individual activities as a priority.
  • “Not for Profit” mode of operation. All funds left over at the end of the event will be donated to charity.
  • Publicly available audited accounts available at the conclusion of the event.

Now that we have the rules set down, let’s enjoy the party.