Want to Tell us About your Event?

To be one included as one of our Apollo Echoes events, you need the following:

  • An activity related to Apollo 11.
  • A not for profit approach to your event. Fund raising for schools of charities is acceptable.
  • An Ethical function
  • Consideration for Green initiatives, Disability considerations and any other worthy cause if possible!
  • A well known society, school or club, otherwise a referee that is of known standing that will support your event’s inclusion.
  • The ability to display the sponsors of the events ion that country and the international sponsor. Exceptions are made where regulations in the country prohibit this in groups like schools, amateur radio and similar groups.

Examples of topics for events that would be worthy are:

  • Apollo 11 activities
  • the Apollo program
  • the Moon
  • Space
  • Space communications
  • Support for Apollo 11
  • Education about space and Apollo missions
  • Writing about space and preferably the moon
  • Astronomy with the moon as part of the event.

If you have other thoughts, please pass them on to us.

We suggest that you raise money for the charity of your choice and scan the receipt and send to us so that we can keep a tally of what you have raised. The more the better. We will be looking for a way to reward the biggest donations.