Cheating in Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been a common practice. Multiple times have pro players been punished and caught. Everyone has many options to cheat if they wish. Valve’s anti cheat software cannot catch all cheaters. Cheats sometimes manage to conceal the fact they have an unfair advantage and make it seem like they are making amazing plays. This makes it awkward when their accounts are banned during a tournament.

Some people use more subtlety than others and display their most clever tricks for everyone to see. Hacks such as wallhacks, speed increases, aimbots, and the ability to see additional information, such as the health of your opponent, are common and easy to conceal. Some hacks, like the ones below, are difficult to conceal while others are simply examples of people who don’t care if they are banned.

Although wall hacks may not be the most innovative, they are still very effective. A wallhack in CS: GO will give the player an outline showing the opponent’s position, regardless of their location on the map. This allows the player to see through walls and target accordingly. They are also relatively easy to hide, provided you don’t try to bang or look directly at them through walls.

Susanne, the player in the video, does not hide that he or she uses a wallhack. The cheat is immediately revealed by their obvious aim at enemies through walls and the constant ambushes of people in good hiding places. They were laughably poor at hiding the hack.

This video shows that cheating doesn’t automatically make you a Counter-Strike God. The video’s first clip is a shockingly poor example of Counter-Strike play. All the shots that should have been taken were missed. The grenades are best described as a ‘simple matter’.

More info in this second video, EnvyUs player Nathan ’NBK’ Schmitt encounters a serious cheater streaming. He uses an auto-trigger and an aimbot to get guaranteed headshots when an enemy enters the same place as him. The auto-trigger will fire the bullet whenever the aimbot detects an enemy. This cheat is great for getting kills. However, it is immediately apparent and is similar to changing your profile name “PLEASE_BAN_ME”.

There is a silver lining to being annihilated in CS: GO by artificial intelligence. NBK sums up the cheat quite well, saying that “he just walked into, didn’t notice anyone, four kills.” But the most interesting part of the discussion is when he mentions how cheats can teach you a few things, like discovering new walls that can still be shot through.

It appears that Real, the player in the video, is using some very hardcore but not revolutionary cheats. The player named Real clearly has an aimbot that is similar to the one before and has boosted their movement speed. Real activates a cheat at the 2:20 mark that changes their profile name. Real uses the names of other players in the lobby, and their name changes several times per second.

Players who are playing against the cheater wonder if it will have any effect on Overwatch (the community-led anti-cheat system in CS.GO) or their accounts. However, they decide that it won’t. If it is true, which we can tell it is, then this cheat serves only one purpose: to frustrate other players.

The hacker’s arsenal appears to also include a fake lag hack, which while not immediately obvious to anyone who is watching, was pointed out by one player. The cheat stops midair and does not take damage unless it is shot in the backside. This eventually leads to the hacker’s death and the discovery of another account being boosted by the hacker.

This is the hacker’s view of an aimbot hack. It looks amazing. The hack’s aimbot section doesn’t require the player to look directly at the other players. Instead, the system will identify where the player is and send a stream of bullets straight to their heads regardless of obstacles. Although the system can target multiple enemies simultaneously, it is more likely that the target will change within a few seconds, which could lead to the whole team being killed.

Another key feature of hacking is the teleportation function that places the hacker at the opposite spawn point immediately after the round begins. This ensures that the hacker gets all the kills as enemies have no time to flee, while the hackers don’t have the time to get anywhere near the opponents before they’re all dead. This is a real class.

Although the cheat did not look directly at the enemy to launch a hail of bullets, they did position the camera so that it looked like a wall bang could have been achieved. The cheat, however, finds this too difficult and stares at nothing for the rest of the match except when they throw a few grenades.

This aimbot is identical to the previous, but the pistol is a reminder of what is most likely an increase in fire rate. The hacker is left bunny-hopping across the map, fixated on the ground, and eventually meets the enemy team. This is a very bold cheating act. We hope that the player will enjoy purchasing another copy of Global Offensive once he has recovered from the blows with the banhammer.