Nowadays, gamers do have more options than ever to their game controls. 3rd party controls features which party supplies have or are fun and allow for personal reflection, but lack of the standard. First-party controls maintain a superior amount of quality however do not really vary substantially beyond color strategy or limited variant branding (The x-box Design Lab function as the very ideal edition with the ).

For personalization, both functional and decorative, it’s also a top degree of relaxation and also about habit parts with tinkering, or even spending a bit extra to own a whole service that is modding perform it to you. Superb Modz is just one of those few which gives authentic, play enhancing modifications, When you’ll find a range of modding organizations around the globe, and also we took only just a handful of the controls for a twist for the x box and PS 4 One.

While Modz has a broad variety of preset controls to pick from, their PS-4 and x-box One controller founders supply not quite most their modding options a la carte. Which range to aluminum thumbsticks from a selection of body colors and layouts, it is possible to customize every component of one’s control on a level.

Even the controller founder has a bunch of option menus: mods along with paddles, in the event the bottom mod that is rapid fire can be selected, though paddles can be selected. Should you select paddles, then you may select out of seven LED runner lights to them.

Neither of the options was designed to your x box One, also there are controls with the mods as the paddles might well not be viable from the technical perspective.

The control founder comes with a wealth of options to allow you

The control founder was a cinch and the only difficulty settled some conclusions for both controls. I picked a purple figure with the MegaMod Guru package along with thumbsticks, paddles that were orange, and also buttons – that the package of works that were add on out there.

I chose the MegaMod Guru Black control Like I wanted the package on the x box One control, added touch traction panels, also the magnetic entirely on the Elite controller aluminum thumbsticks, and also a battery cap. Now they do provide the Elite control on the website also, however, the one adjustment choices they are decorative in character, and moreover they seem to possess exactly the very exact difficulty that every additional merchant seemingly possesses using them frequently from stock as a result of the requirement.

The matte figure around the controller felt great

The caliber of the changes has been apparent once I found the controls a couple of days after. The purple human body has been smooth to the touch, and also thumbsticks and also the buttons were responsive and tight as some other PS 4 controller that is typical.

The soft bit traction panels onto the x box One control had the very same charm as the human body that is PS-4, and also the aluminum thumbsticks had been comfortable that I regretted not putting them over the control.

In the hardware, perspective was the paddles over the one; as promoted, while still functioning didn’t fit into building aesthetic of the remaining mods. It’s only a piece of plastic. The plastic borders of the paddle are still sharp, and I’m worried about any of this grabbing on something whilst it’s not happened yet.

The aluminum thumbsticks have been the highlight of this X Box One control

The attraction for Mega Modz is the. These improvements are additive- there was certainly not any hacking of these control works thus there’s not any threat to being prohibited or suspended, and those are the only controller mixes the processor makes with respect to this user when triggered. As the mods can be helpful in various games, they are designed to aid with first-person shooters generally, and also the decision of Duty and Battlefield show.

Akimbo, auto burst quick scope – all these are only a couple of these mods available by pressing on the mod activation button. Once successfully triggered, colored light screens using a few of those four installed LED indicators (contingent upon the number of mods are actuated simultaneously ).

Some of those mods employ specific weapon type s from games (auto burst along with rapid flame for semi-auto and only shotguns, quick scope such as sniper rifles, etc.), or even more overall FPS activities like vehicle dash. Throughout my playtesting, I came across shed and quick scope takes to be more useful, utilizing methods I never had the capacity to pull.

I put out to see whether one or more of those mods helped bridge my craft openings in CallofDuty black-ops III or even WWII, however for the large part deciphering the match routines to trigger them and finding out how precisely the ideal time and energy for you to use them was hard onto your own. I guess a skilled player could easily have more out from these mods than me personally, however, it brought me into the next end…

The plan of these paddles on the controllers by omega mods that was PS 4 felt lacking in relation to other mods.

Fundamentally they just did not feel very athletic while it’s a fact that these processor mods aren’t maybe ban-worthy and hacking, of course easily were skilled in these games that I doubt I’d make use of them. Do not irritate me that the mods work promoted, despite the fact that tripping them necessitates memorizing the activation pattern or looking up it, and also my very own preference for with them or not does not have any bearing in my own score.

A player could be given a benefit along with other players by All these mods without them and it will not sit well with me personally. I’m only a modest perhaps maybe not overdone enough at the most demanding, or conservative multiplayer communities those game engender.

The tender touch grips with the x box One control proved to be also a welcome inclusion.

X box One control mods and mega Modz PS 4 really are a mixture of functionality and aesthetics. Their habit components are well assembled and top quality, and though the mod processor works are somewhat hard to browse they work for your games they’re developed for.


  • controller founder is simple and instinctive
  • Custom parts are tight and responsive
  • Aluminum thumbsticks are sturdy and comfy
  • Mod-chip integration is eloquent


  • X-box One control founder does not have Mod-chip choices
  • Custom paddles do not suit the quality of other mods
  • Mod-chip activation sequences are not instinctive