It can be difficult to find your place in the game, as well as your place on Rift. This post will help you no matter if you are a veteran or total newbie.

Because it is the only role they’ve ever played, many players become stuck in their current roles. Older players may feel that they cannot play a different role if they try. This is a false assumption. You will find the job that you were meant to do with a little guidance.

Before we get any further, however, let us make a quick disclaimer: You should not play a particular role because someone tells you to.

You don’t have to like the role. It is important not to feel like you have the perfect job.

Roles change and  league of legends ranks change. Let’s take, for example, the season 2 Support season. You might feel like you’re wearing your favorite pair of jeans 20 years ago if you play Support today.

They might fit you, but they are too tight for most people. They are still there, and you cling to them despite the fact that they should have been thrown out years ago.

It’s not difficult to tell if your jeans aren’t fitting. What can you do to tell if your jeans don’t fit? We must first look at who you are as a person.

Is it a good idea to be the main top lane in League of Legends

You will often run into the meta in the top lane. There are many strange foes you will encounter. Vayne is an ADC. NOPE! She can move up to the top lane if necessary, 2020 is her year. Sona? Yes, even Supports made it to this island.

You can expect to face bruisers that are strong in combat and adept at splitting pushing. Fiora and *shudders* Tryndamere are two that immediately spring to mind. A backdooring Tryndamere is the best way to send us into an Endless Rage.

We mentioned that top lane can be a wildcard and you can expect lots of shenanigans. Keep in mind, however, that all the craziness tends stay at the top.

Although it’s been a joke that the top lane is an “island”, there are some truths to this statement. Except for occasional Teleport plays, Champions rarely leave their lane. What reason could they possibly have to leave? Dragon is an important aspect of farming, but top laners should stay put to farm.

Top laners may find it difficult to play hard carry games. They can do it. However, mid-laners and marksmen are more likely to play Champions with greater carry potential. This lane is ideal for those who love Farming Simulator. Although there are fights in the top lane sometimes, they are usually slow. Two people fighting with pool noodles. It’s true. It’s rare that you will ever have more than three or four people in the top lane, but this can be a blessing for some people.

This is the job for you if you like to do things your way and not rely on others.

League of Legends: Maining Jungle

Although this isn’t a job for the faint-hearted, it can be a rewarding role that allows you to win all games by yourself as a Jungler. If you have thin skin, skip this section. For missing smite or losing games, you will be yelled at. You can either ignore or muffle your teammates, as you will struggle to think and play.

You can take strangers shouting at you online, if you are able to bear it! Maining Jungle can bring you many benefits. You can have a huge influence on the game.

Baron and Dragon are not taken. You also have to gank lanes and give buffs to your laners. There are many Champions you can play in the Jungle. However, you will want to choose someone who is both tanky and can deal damage.

This role is for you if you like sneaking up on your enemies and want to feel important in a game. While other roles are important, the Jungler is the best role.See also:The impact you make.

This is a very flexible job. You can camp in someone’s lane to break their mind. You can invade enemy Junglers and make them hate the game. If you prefer farming in the middle of the game, it’s possible.

Another benefit of Jungle is the fact that you don’t have to worry too much about your farm! Are you lagging in real life? Do your reaction times seem slow? You don’t need to worry about killing minions if this is the case.

This is a great way to meet new people and make friends. You will find that the lanes you visit can make a loss into victory. This is why you’ll want all the lanes, whenever possible.

If you like micromanaging, this is the right position for you. You don’t need to be focused on last hitting so you can type. Tell your Support team where the enemy Jungler is and tell them you need their help to gank in mid. You can gain a significant lead if you tell your top laner that the enemy Jungler should be baited so you can take Dragon. If you like controlling the game and chatting, then you should be main Jungle.

Jungle Pathing is the last thing you need to know about Jungling. You can find out more about it

League of Legends: Maining the Mid Lane

This lane is similar to maining Jungle. However, there are some key differences. Mid laners are mages that deal high damage far away. However, Champions can be played that deal high damage from a distance, but have many escapes.

The skill ceiling for mid-lane champions is usually high. It can be challenging to farm as a mage in the early game. However, there are many Champions you can play in the middle lane. This is ideal if your goal is to build a large roster.

The easiest way to roam is also possible. You can carry a single game by coordinating ganks and your Jungler. This sounds fantastic, right? It has a downside.

You will be ganked if you are in the middle lane, which is more open and gankable. This is especially true if you are playing Champions such as Malzahar, Kassadin or Diana. These mages are very popular and have no escapes above level 6. Malzahar can’t escape!

You might be able to find your main role if you are observant enough that you can spot the enemy junglers walking towards you. Now, all you have to do is farm up and play.

Mid laners are able to make plays with ease. They are able to reach level 6 much faster than the bot lane, which gives them a greater kill potential. Their kits are built around flashy plays. Lux will set you up with a snare, so it’s easy for your foes to land one.

Working with your team is key to securing victory, just like Jungle. It’s not possible to sit around and wait until the last minute like the best laners.

Are You a Main Supporter in League of Legends

This is another role that requires someone who can enjoy it. Support mains are patient and won’t mind being in the shadow of their Marksman. You won’t win the kills (unless your Pyke), and you won’t get the glory. It doesn’t matter what Support mains think, they are here for the Victory.

You are responsible for keeping your team hydrated as a Support. Support is for you if you are a caring person who enjoys seeing friends succeed. You will be noticed by few people for peeling the enemy bruiser like an orange. Your clutch shields or heals won’t be noticed by them, but they will notice you, and that’s enough for Support players.

It is easy to believe that Supporters hate each other because they are ego-driven. However, there are other reasons. If you are a heal Support member, playing Support requires that you trust someone. You may also experience some instant gratification.

Would you prefer to have five dollars free now or ten dollars over ten years? League of Legends is no different. You get a kill as an ADC and then a dose of dopamine. As a Support, you don’t get this. It’s possible to win the game with a vision from your ward in just two minutes. But it’s not the exact same. Although healing is just as effective as doing damage, you don’t feel the immediate satisfaction of being successful.

Some see support as a redundant role. They believe Supports can’t do any damage and aren’t able to carry. They view them as only ward/heal/stun robots that do nothing for the game. They are likely ignorant. While it might have been true in the past and still hold true today, times have changed.

This is the job for you if you enjoy helping others and are a person who has high utility. There are few things more satisfying than saving someone with a Nami bubble. If someone remembers to click the Thresh lantern, getting them out of a tight spot feels great too.

Are You a Main Marksman in League of Legends

Your role as a Marksman is quite simple. Keep alive and do damage. Sorry, we need to rephrase this – it appears relatively easy on the surface.

You might not realize it, but being a good ADC takes effort. To deal damage and not get killed, you must keep your distance from the enemy team. You need to be able kite, know when you should move forward and how to farm. Farming is an essential part of being a Marksman.

You’re basically a baby during the initial stages of the game. It is the job of daddy Braums to care for you as you prepare for the later game. Once he’s frail and old, you’ll be able to pay him back.

Although it might seem like the ADC role is a bit stale, the fact that you are dependent on your Support early in the game can make it look a little pathetic. But, late game, you are the most important player in the field.

If League of Legends were chess, the Marksman would be without doubt the Queen. This is a lot power and pressure. ADC is for you if you enjoy being influential but don’t want things to get complicated.

This is not to say it’s a straightforward role. However, it is simpler than other roles. You can farm and poke occasionally, but you don’t have to roam, ward or use the teleport bot lanes. You can simply reach the end of the game without worrying about dying.

ADC has a very limited roster, so you might not want to dip into every Champion.

Although Marksman aren’t in a dire spot, Riot have a history with gutting them. This can be found.

This will hopefully help newer players find the right role, but what about older players? You risk losing your LP by trying to play a different position. You could still play the same games as before, but they won’t teach you much and you don’t want to end in Bronze.

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Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a smurf, we recommend you look into a different job. It’s not a good idea to spend your whole LoL career in a job that doesn’t make it as enjoyable as another.