Despite the fact that mobile strategy gaming has become quite popular, such as King of Avalon and Rise of Kingdoms, some developers are still pushing the boundaries and trying new elements to increase the variety of the game. Warpath is one of these pioneers that, while offering many familiar aspects such as base building and RTS combat, also offers a different approach to these elements, which makes playing this game feel like a vastly-different experience.

There’s quite a lot to Warpath, especially if you’re a fan of RTS games looking for something unique to play on the mobile platform, which is why you should definitely check out our beginner’s guide for it if you want to learn how this game does things differently. We’ll show you how to install Warpath for PC. You can then enjoy all it has to offer from the comfort of your own computer.

Warpath Download on PC

BlueStacks is our powerful Android emulator that you must download in order to play this game on your computer, here you can find more information These are the steps to get you started:

1. Head over to our website and download the latest version of BlueStacks. After the installer finishes, the emulator will automatically launch.
2. Once BlueStacks is installed, you can use the search bar to find Warpath in the Game Center.
3. To download the game from the Play Store, click on its portrait in the search results. This is just like you would do with any other app on your smartphone.
4. Simply click on the icon to launch your newly installed game from BlueStacks.

These steps will get you playing Warpath on your PC in no time. BlueStacks offers unique tools that will enhance your gaming experience.
This is covered in more detail in the BlueStacks Tools guide for Warpath. However, we wanted to show you some of the possibilities that you have when you play this game with our emulator. You can crank up the graphics and get the best performance and visuals because you are playing on your computer instead of your smartphone. You’ll be able to simplify your gameplay with features such as the Keymapping Tool.

BlueStacks – Warpath Graphics: The Best Graphics

Warpath is one of the titles that has adjustable graphical settings. This allows players with low-end devices to enjoy Warpath. These settings reduce the quality of the visuals to create a smoother framerate and vice versa. If you are using BlueStacks and your computer meets the requirements of our emulator, these limitations can be ignored and you can crank the graphics to their maximum and enjoy all the settings without worrying about overheating or battery consumption.
Click on your avatar portrait to activate the best graphical configuration in Warpath. Next, open the options menu and activate all items related to the image. These include both the Image Quality and Framerate parameters. BlueStacks will give you the best graphics and effects possible. You’ll also have the smoothest frames possible.

The Keymapping Tool can streamline your gameplay

As we mentioned above, you can learn how to get started with using the Keymapping Tool for Warpath in our BlueStacks guide. Here are some other ways you can make this feature work for your benefit in this game.

Zoom Control

RTS games require you to move your eyes across the entire map in order to find enemies and gather points. You may need to zoom in to see some of these small elements. BlueStacks zoom can be controlled by holding down the Ctrl key, and then using your scroll wheel. This can sometimes prove to be quite frustrating. The Keymapping tool allows you to place a zoom shortcut anywhere you like and link it to any button on any keyboard. This will allow you to control the zoom from any location.

Scroll Through the Map

Scrolling through the map is something that you will do often, as we mentioned. BlueStacks offers two options to speed up the process: the Smart Edge Scrolling feature or the D-Pad tool. The first allows you to place the function directly on your screen and then control the camera with your WASD buttons. This is a more recent addition and allows you pan across the map just like in a PC RTS. You can do this by moving your cursor to the edges.

These methods are both very useful in scanning the map. We recommend that you implement at least one of these methods to your game.

Get Quick Access to the Chat

Online games would be incomplete without player interaction. When you aren’t busy building your base, or fighting your enemies in battle, you will likely be talking to your guild members and other players via chat. BlueStacks allows you to easily access the chat function with a single click. A script can be used to open the chat screen and activate your keyboard. This will allow you to save one click each time you type a message.

The Press of a Button: Return to Base

Sometimes, your camera can be hundreds of miles from your base due to your explorations across the map. The Keymapping tool allows you to quickly refocus your camera to the camp by pressing a button. You don’t have to manually pan back or click on the button.

These are only a few ways you can use Warpath’s Keymapping tool to your advantage. This feature can be used to your advantage by you experimenting. BlueStacks is a great way to play the game on PC.