Youzu, the mobile game publisher, is well-known for Light of Thel. Recently, Infinity Kingdom, a new MMORTS game was published by Youzu on the mobile app stores. The game allows players from all over the globe to build and expand their kingdoms. As a lord, you will play as the King. The three kingdoms available for your selection in the current game version are Ydvia and Vitas.

At the beginning of the game, you can join any of these kingdoms. You will be able to join an alliance depending on which kingdom you choose. If you select Ydvia Kingdom, for example, you won’t be able join Vitas kingdom alliances and Ruslan kingdom alliances. We recommend that you choose Ydvia kingdom as it offers VIP points and rewards. This page is for those who are just starting to play this game. This Infinity Kingdom guide will cover the basics of the game. We have also shared some Infinity Kingdom tips, tricks, and strategy that you might enjoy. Let’s get to it. The main guide features loads of tips and tricks.

First, Infinity Kingdom is a game where you play the role of a lord and manage all kingdom activities. We mean offense by continuing to work on your strength to be able to defeat the enemies in both PvE or PvP. You need to keep your eyes on the prize, which is more PvP than it is PvE.

Defense means that you must improve your kingdom’s defense to prevent other players from looting you. To loot items, players or Lords may attack one another. You must also focus on your economic strength, such as the buildings within the kingdom and the production of resources. Let’s take a look at all the Infinity Kingdom tips and tricks in this guide.

Infinity Kingdom Guide To Increasing Kingdom Strength

You must first learn how to become stronger in Infinity Kingdom – You can choose to focus on a variety of things each day and build your kingdom slowly. These are the best ways to strengthen your kingdom.

Regularly train your troops – Tap the soldier helmet button in the left-center section of the game screen to train your troops. A kingdom’s power is increased the more troops it has.

Technology You can use resources in your kingdom’s academy to do technology researches in economic, defense and offense fields in order to increase the growth rate. Continue to research and increase the kingdom’s power.

Buildings There are many buildings and facilities that you can upgrade and build in your kingdom. Every building in your kingdom has an impact on the kingdom’s total power. Keep building and upgrading your kingdom to increase its strength

Immortals: Immortals can be sent to attack players or plunder resources points. To increase kingdom power, you can upgrade immortals to get more.

Lord Talent- As you progress in the game, you’ll earn lord talent point. Spend talent points to activate lord talents for buffs

Guide to Obtaining Immortals In Infinity Kingdom

The Hall of Immortals is where you can find immortals. You can buy philosopher stones and gems there to summon immortals. You also get daily summons for free. You may get an immortal and his/her shards. After you have enough shards, open the immortals’ collection menu. Fuse the shards for summoning. After completing your dailies, you can obtain philosopher stones from the chests.

Learn More About Immortals

Infinity Kingdom has several types of immortals: cavalry, spearman bowman and shieldman. All immortals have unparalleled strength and abilities. Some immortals are skilled at inflicting damage, shielding troops, and supporting troop units. Others have exceptional CC skills. Click on the Immortal menu and tap on an immortal. This will show the immortal on your screen. At the bottom you can view their role/type/element, supporter, range, mage or shieldmen.

To get the best out of the immortal, you must strategically use their talents. To understand their strengths, you must first learn their abilities.

To increase Soldier Capacity, Level up Immortals

You must raise the rank of the immortal leading the troop legion if you wish to transport more troops on the march. Navigate to the immortal menu and tap the immortal. Next to the level bar, tap the + button. Then use the EXP rolls to grant the immortal EXP. As your level increases, the immortal will acquire more attributes, power, and troops.

After selecting an immortal from the immortal menu, you can view the information on the right side. The troop capacity of an immortal is a measure of how many troops you can carry. The troops are larger, so the load (the amount of resources you can plunder from an opponent kingdom or resource deposit) is higher.

You can add troops and immortals to the troops management screen.

Dragon Cave In Infinity Kingdom

Once you have reached the castle level 8, the dragon cave will be accessible. Here you can upgrade your dragons and hatch the dragon egg. To hatch the egg, you will need dragon soul crystals. You can either buy the dragon soul crystals on the market or launch a rally on bosses to obtain them.

Guide to Train More Troops at Once

You must improve the barracks in order to train more troops at once. The barracks can be found in the kingdom. They include Spearmen, Shieldmen and Bowmen. To train the troops, tap the button for a military soldier helmet in the left-center.

Keep grinding in Infinity Kingdom

You will find many resources like iron, wood, stone and crops on the map. To gather these resources, send your troops and immortal. Click the search button to select the type of resource you are looking for: cropland, logging or iron deposit.

Kill Monsters – Do you need equipment to aid the immortals? Kill the Tyrant, Balan, and Roque on the Map.

Raid in Well of Time

Well of Time is a PvE mode that allows you to progress through the stages. You can earn gems, upgrade materials and EXP rolls. You can repeat certain stages of this game mode if you have completed ith 3-stars. Click on the stage to raid it -> immediately receive your rewards. Only those stages you have reached with the 3-stars milestone can be raided.

Infinity Kingdom Defense Improvements

Tap the wall -> garrison and assign the immortal. Tap the wall to fortify and build defenses. You can also research other technologies in the academy to enhance the kingdom’s defense.

Get Free Resources from Wishing Fountain

To receive free resources, pray in the wishing fountain

Get Active Kingdom Alliance Membership

Allies can help reduce the time it takes to build, upgrade and research tech. You can also get tech bonuses, assistance and reinforcements as well as alliance gifts. Join an active kingdom alliance to get these gifts, tech bonuses, reinforcements, and more.

Follow Growth Quests

You can view the missions in the bottom-right, just above the menu buttons. To progress wisely, tap the mission button (pyramid).

Complete the Daily Missions

Completing daily missions can give you speed-ups and EXP. You should complete them every day.

Claim VIP Points and Chests

Click the VIP button in the upper-left corner of your profile avatar to claim your daily chest and points. VIP grants you passive perks.