World’s Biggest Space Party

For over 3 months, we will be celebrating space exploration around the world with an incredible diversity of events, fun, learning in honor of the anniversary of Apollo 11’s mission to the moon. Did we say “learning”? We will be focusing on the sort of learning that you don’t mind. The stuff that is plain fun. We have groups bouncing your voice off the moon, astronomy nights, 3D photo events, a Sci-Fi writing competition, music nights for schools and even fancy dress parties happening all over the world.

This global Party is set to re-educate new generations about the Apollo missions and in particular, the Apollo 11 mission. It will tell the story of everyday people from around the world who were called upon to support the mission, particularly those in Spain, Australia and the US. Several at the Parkes Radio Telescope even risked their lives to bring TV coverage to the world during a server windstorm that threatened to destroy the dish above their heads. More on that another time.

We have the most incredible program lined up for the world to participate in and enjoy. June 27th will be a spectacular day for children around the world as the amateur radio community will contribute to the celebrations with World EME day. They will be linking up big dishes from around the world by bouncing the signals off the moon. EME stands for Earth – Moon – Earth and we hope to have some of the world’s biggest and most historic dishes involved in the project. Amateur radio groups will excite the world with this global event, timed for when the moon would cooperate with Australia and the USA – it is not always in the best position for this type of activity and for those wishing to participate.

Education will be a key factor of our events with strong support for Science and Literacy. We will hold a science fiction writing event supported by well known international authors. The best literature from the schools science fiction writing event will be published in PDF format and distributed around the world.

Conferences, functions and a wide range of events for everyone will focus public attention on the space program and the changes in everyone’s life that the moon landing signaled. It will also focus attention on the future of space and what it means for our future here on earth.

The website will grow and the country events will be updated shortly. This updates page will be our main page for information and news. Please comment on this bold endeavor.

See you at out big 4 month party and be prepared for fun and new experiences. Come back soon as we will be adding lots more information.